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Simple Storytelling is Smart

You may have the best product or service in the market, but the point is moot if you can not communicate the features and benefits.

Statistics and technological jargon may support your position, but they can turn off the audience. Customers are looking for a solution to a problem, not the clock speed of your CPU or how your APIs are built in an Agile environment.

The most effective way to get your message across is to tell a story about how your product/service can address their issues and make life easier. Remember to use simple terms and get to the point quickly. Insure they see you as an expert that understands the competitive landscape and where your solution excels.

At the end of the day you and your product/service should be seen as a valued partner and not a collection of numbers and statistics.

Tell a story, show a solution and demonstrate your value to be well positioned for success.


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