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FX Management – The most important SME tool You’ve Never Heard Of!

SME Thoughts on FX

As most of you are aware, we live and work in a Global Economy. Whether it is importing the latest electronic device or sourcing a service, small and mid-sized enterprises (SME) work with partners around the world. And typically they use their bank to make payments, unaware that there are better solutions.

SME’s are constantly looking for ways for goods to flow more smoothly across borders and emerging trade/FX management tools can automate certain aspects of the import and export process. There are companies like Western Union Business Solutions, WorldFirst and Commonwealth FX that offer payment platforms that target international payments in the supply chain market by offering a uniform network for billing, executing transactions and monitoring of vendor payments. They allow an SME to manage cash flow and protect the bottom line from currency market fluctuations with customized risk management strategies and hedging solutions.

So should you work with a FX management company?

Do you need transparent Real-Time Rates?

These tools offer real-time rate quotes to lock-in your preferred exchange rate—you get complete transparency, with no hidden costs, so you are never paying more than you need to.

Want Cutting Edge Risk Management Tools?

You can manage your foreign exchange exposure with simple risk management tools like bids and forwards. These strategies have the potential to protect your company’s profits and improve your cash flow.

Is Payment Status Visibility a priority?

A FX management platform will allow you to view your payment status and full payment history online, right from your computer or mobile device. The recipient is automatically emailed once your payment has been sent.

Want to find out more?

Our network of FX experts are ready to help you customize the right solution for your business. Just schedule an exploratory call at:

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