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Mobile Prepaid - 8 Things You Need to Succeed

When general purpose reloadable cards were launched, “reloadable” was not that important. Since a customer bought a card for $19.95, the program manager was fine with a “one and done” cards and any reload was just icing on the cake. Today the fees are very competitive and for many customers GPR cards are a better solution than a traditional DDA account. But the industry is still burdened by a high percentage of cards that are loaded once and discarded. There is one technology that can significantly improve card life, mobile.

A prepaid mobile platform links mobile banking features with prepaid debit cards, allowing cardholders to easily manage their card accounts and access critical financial services. The mobile platform also provides a valuable two-way communication channel that enables a higher level of engagement.

Sounds great, but how do you create a great mobile experience and increase card life? Well we suggest you partner with an award winning provider that has mobile in it’s DNA. Here is what to look for when selecting a provider.

1) Banking and prepaid industry focus and experience.

You need a partner that has empowered banks, credit unions, program managers and alternative financial services companies with cutting-edge mobile money solutions.

2) Innovative prepaid mobile platform and ongoing innovation.

The mobile landscape changes rapidly. You need a visionary partner that has a robust product roadmap that anticipates the needs of the mobile user.

3) Advanced features and high-value financial services.

Every processor has a basic mobile app. But to engage your cardholders you need to provide advanced features like Mobile Remote Deposit w/Good Funds, Multi Language, Mobile Coupons, International Remittance, Social Media, Apple/Samsung Pay, Parent Child Card and more.

4) Full customization of the prepaid experience.

You need a custom mobile experience that reflects your brand and mission. Therefore, you should select a partner who can deliver an enhanced user experience via fully branded app, attractive UI and suite of high-value services that can be added al a carte.

5) Common code base for fast, affordable feature enhancements.

Whether you manage one or multiple programs, you want to make updates to your mobile experience quickly. Choose a partner that doesn’t have to do a separate build, release and deployment for each and every one of your app releases or updates.

6) Multi-tenant platform for quick, easy custom program launches.

No-one’s business is more important than yours. So why wait 6 months in your processors development queue? Choose a mobile partner that can get you to market on your timeline.

7) Powerful customer communications & engagement tools.

You need messaging based on user profiles and behavior with the ability to segment and target your communications utilizing unlimited parameter combinations. Push a coupon, promote a service, answer a customer service chat or launch an event-based banner campaign. Make sure your partner can support your messaging strategy.

8) Proven mobile platform deployed by numerous industry leaders.

Don’t settle for un-proven technology. Choose a partner that has worked with the top companies in the industry. They should be integrated with numerous mobile banking platforms, core providers, and payments processors.

Need help finding the right mobile prepaid partner? Well we can help! Just schedule a discovery call at

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